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Advanced Level San He Water Methods
In Feng Shui, Water is known to govern wealth. This book takes an in-depth study into the five different but well-known classical Water methods under the San He system of Feng Shui. It includes transliterations and thorough analysis on the ancient texts as well as commentaries and modern interpretations - rare information that is now made accessible and comprehensible for any Feng Shui student or practitioner today.

What You'll Learn:
-The true origin and critical analysis on the classic poems of the five time-tested San He Water Methods.
- The application and modern interpretation for each Water Method.
- Enhance your knowledge to elevate your mastery in Water Feng Shui.
- An important reference material for anyone serious about Classical Feng Shui.

Chapter Highlights
Volume 1: Water Basics
Understand the fundamentals of Water Feng Shui and various Water forms.
Volume 2: 4 Major Water Structures
Explore the Four Major Water Structures Method by Che Ying.
Volume 3: Earthly Principles 5 Verses
Discover the Earthly Principles 5 Verses by Master Zhao Ting Dong.
Volume 4: Early/Later Heaven Water Method
An elaboration on the Early/Later Heaven Water Method by Master Ye Tai.
Volume 6: Assistant Star Water Method
A study on the Assistant Star Water Method by Gu Tuo.