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'Trees of Agra' depicts the entire tree line of Agra comprising photographs and description of 161 trees spotted growing in the gardens, public places, the historical monuments like Taj Mahal, Sikandra, Shahjehan Park, Rambagh, Dayalbagh, educational institutions, hotels, road sides, reserve forest and the country side of Agra district.All the plants included in this book have been grouped in different well established families of plant kingdom. In all, there are 48 families,including one from monocotyledons and three from gymnosperms, representing so many trees in and around Agra. These families are arranged alphabetically for Angiosperms and Gymnosperms separately.The description of each family gives basic clues for identification of trees belonging to that family. Each family bears a common name, given in the bracket along with its order to which this family belongs, number of genera & species is also mentioned after the bracket. Likewise each plant has a common name, botanical name and the family name. The photograph of each plant in the form of figure also has the name of the place. Thus this book will help the readers to identify these trees in other places also.