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The Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment incorporates themes from the twelve-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These themes provide clinical goals for the counselor to guide clients in the treatment process. For those clients that attend AA/NA, this model will strengthen their program. For those clients that cannot relate to the spiritual aspects of the Twelve-Steps it provides an alternative perspective that is cognitive-behavioral in nature. This model utilizes motivational interviewing techniques and cognitive-behavioral interventions. Both MI and CBT are considered evidenced-based therapies and are utilized widely for chemical dependency treatment. This model provides an assessment scale that pinpoints where a client is in regards to their thinking about their alcohol and drug use and which interventions will be most useful and appropriate given this information. This model is very useful for supervisors to collaborate and provide guidance to their counseling staff. It is very exciting to share this new model with our professional community. It has been featured in both Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly Journal and Counselor Magazine.