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There is no doubt. It is self-evident to you that you are reading these words right now and that fact will help you believe what would otherwise seem unbelievable in this book. Its chapters offer unique, critically important self-evidence that include you in the process of experiencing, collecting and evaluating it. Be amazed. Here is a reasonable and reliable instrument, one that enables you to repair the point source of what ails us personally and globally. From Project NatureConnect research, its pages provide hope for they go far beyond what has not worked, beyond our leaders informing us about our devastating problems but not giving us a tool that helps us solve them. Each chapter’s hands-on science empowers your inherent natural genius to correct the disastrous errors in the way that we are socialized to think, feel and act. This same ability has allowed nature-centered societies to live in self-correcting balance for thousands of years without producing or suffering our troubles. Participate in this book’s art of validating Planet Earth as your “other body.” Reap the rewards from reversing the effects of the corrupt way we have been addicted to know and relate to the world. Apply this skill to your personal life and livelihood. You can optionally obtain free course credit, a certification, a job or a degree for mastering its educating, counseling and healing with nature Ecopsychology.