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Menopause has traditionally been defined as the timing of the cessation of menses. But it's far more complex than a series of episodes of hot flashes. Menopause isn't an illness. In as much as the onset of menses, at puberty, is not a disease, neither is menopause. It's a crucial end of a natural epoch of a normal woman's life. Every woman, almost half the world, will inevitably be thrown into this challenging phase. In The Cross of Menopause, author Jasmine shares her complex and severe odyssey of menopause and how those thirteen years turned an exuberant pediatrician into a crippled freak of pain. From the onset of her menopause while on a trip to China in September of 2011, Jasmine narrates her real-life experiences that turned into a long and symptom-filled journey. From dizziness and incapacitation to extreme hot flashes of vertigo, stupor, vomiting, chest tightness, gasps and seizures, and more, she tells her story so other women may understand that menopause is not simply menopause. Yet she would allay their fears, as their menopause would turn a nuisance, in comparison!