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Teen-Up is a unique program that helps teenagers 12-17 prepare for life, experience what adults go through, and is done in a friendly way. The Goals of the Teen-Up Program: -To have an understanding of adulthood responsibilities without yet being an adult. -To understand how planning for the future and thinking ahead is important. -To become aware of how current issues affect the future as a whole. -To learn personal responsibility. -To get better at setting constructive boundaries. -To attain better self-awareness. How Does Teen-Up Work? Teen-Up takes a teenager and turns them into a commission only sales representative. The program first uses aspects of their life such as turning in homework, test/quiz grades, and chores. Then the results of those activities are filtered through a commission scale where their work and effort will either pay off, or dig them a hole. The (fake) money teenagers make is used to earn things they enjoy, but they will have to think before spending. Teen-Up has fake bills to pay each week based on the average cost of the real ones. Does your teen know about budgeting? Only one way to find out. Will your teen be able to succeed as an adult?