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Aim of the research work was to design and synthesize several photosensitive ruthenium nitrosyl complexes. We have performed the photolysis experiments for nitric oxide (NO) dissociation from nitrosyl complexes under UV as well as in visible light. We have tried to explore the photochemical behavior of NO with the variation of different substituent(s) in the ligand frames of nitrosyl complexes. Nitric oxide reactivity as well as scavenging studies with different ruthenium complexes were described during research work. We also studied the transfer of the photoreleased NO from nitrosyl complexes to reduced myoglobin in phosphate buffer solution under light illumination. We detected the amount of photoreleased NO from our nitrosyl complexes in the presence of light using Griess reagent assay. Amount of the free NO as well as other reactive oxygen and/or reactive nitrogen species was also estimated by DPPH radical quenching assay using UV-visible spectrophotometer.