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“Statistics Alive! is a methodologically sound, rigorous, yet accessible text.”
—Abhishek Tiwari, Cal Poly Pomona

“This text is written in a plain and friendly style. The student has an excellent chance of grasping one concept before moving on to the next, more complex, module.”
—Elizabeth Mason, California University of Pennsylvania

“The text’s focus on hypothesis testing should lead to students’ deeper understanding of applying statistics to course work. The author did an excellent job of making the material entertaining and understandable.”
—Matthew Price, Georgia State University

Presented in short, digestible modules and written in a conversational tone, Statistics Alive! is an enjoyable read. Author Wendy J. Steinberg shows students the underlying logic to what they are learning and includes well-crafted practice and self-check features to help ensure that new knowledge sticks. She covers theory intuitively without sacrificing the rigor of the overall text.

Key Features

  • Presents the content in short modules, which allows students to master the material more easily and allows instructors more flexibility in the assignment of material
  • Designed in a “lay-flat” paperback format that makes doing assignments from the book easier for the student
  • Contains learning objectives and “Check Yourself!” questions that serve as guideposts that students can use to orient themselves and assess their readiness to move on and tackle new material
  • Offers practice exercises throughout the text, in the student study guide, and online that provide students with ample opportunity to master concepts and formulas
  • Produced in an attractive two-color format