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There are contemplative cards for almost every aspect of life Tarot Cards, Medicine Cards, Angel Cards and more but none for business. Thankfully, Dr. Lance Secretan saw this need and created Spirit@Work Cards to fill the void. Since their inception, people have found many applications for them in corporations and organizations of all kinds. They are now widely used for setting the tone of meetings, to provide inspiration during the workday, and as personal gifts of friendship and spirit. Spirit@Work Cards is a boxed set which includes a book and two sets of 77 illustrated cards containing key words and phrases that form the essential components of Higher Ground Leadership®. They are all words, such as authenticity, courage, empathy, humility, integrity, legacy, purpose, respect, service, and trust, which are the words that are lived by inspiring leaders. Their purpose is to help you invite spirit into your work and life. There are two sets of cards a large set for regular use, and a much smaller set for traveling. Each card is decorated with a unique design and original artwork by David Rankine, featuring a different word and art for every card. The velvet-covered book contains companion text for each of the 77 words, and a verse by Marie Knapp which can serve as a guide for using the Spirit@Work Cards. These cards can be used in many ways. For example, they are an excellent way to initiate inspired introductions during team building retreats and workshops. Or, use them during everyday meetings during a challenging conversation about budgets or the strategic plan, when nerves are being strained and the energy is tense. Meeting facilitators can periodically take a time-out and ask someone to select a Spirit@Work® Card and then invite the group to discuss what the word means and how it informs the current discussion. The tone of the dialogue immediately and always transforms.