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Uncover the powerful potential that learning disabilities can conceal!Having a learning disability (LD) can be lonely, frightening, and frustrating. The available information is sparse, technically oriented, and resolutely uninformative on how it feels to have an LD. Smart But Stuck changes all that. The first book on the emotional aspects of having an LD, it offers twenty case studies and other research to help you see that you are not alone. This groundbreaking book discusses why and how intelligent individuals with learning disabilities are misunderstood and how shame and fear can lead to imprisoned intelligence. Smart But Stuck helps those who struggle with learning disabilities (and the people who help them) build self-esteem, face LD obstacles, bypass weaknesses, and enhance strengths.Smart But Stuck elaborates on new research about imprisoned intelligence and the emotional consequences of learning disabilities, enabling readers to:
  • understand what it's like growing up being smart but feeling stupid
  • discover how shame influences the learning process
  • understand what happens when smart people grow up suffering from learning gaps
  • learn how to find a therapist and what to expect in treatment
  • create a successful, productive life and even use their learning disabilities to their own advantageSmart But Stuck integrates a vast amount of research and presents it in an understandable way to help people gain their freedom from imprisoned intelligence. In Smart But Stuck, people with LDs will find effective methods to help themselves unlock their full potential, while therapists, teachers, and family members will find new ways to understand and help individuals with LDs.