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Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy answers questions on many topics, including - heart-power, delight, consciousness, divine qualities, and oneness with God. Sri Chinmoy's simple, yet powerful words soulfully clarify many aspects of the spiritual life to seekers. This is the first of two volumes. This is a high-quality, hardbound edition, printed on acid free and lignin free paper; it meets all ANSI standards for archival quality paper.


The Works of Sri Chinmoy series:

#1. Poetry, vol. I: The Dance of Life, The Wings of Light, The Golden Boat (902 pages)

#2. Questions & Answers, vol. I: Sri Chinmoy Answers, parts 1 to 19 (784 pages)

#3. Questions & Answers, vol. II: Sri Chinmoy Answers, parts 20 to 38 (756 pages)

#4. Stories, vol. I: The Earth-Illumination-Trumpets of Divinity's home - Illumination-experiences on Indian soil - Great Indian meals - India and her miracle-feast (714 pages)

#5. Questions & Answers, vol. III: Flame-Waves, Sri Chinmoy Speaks (916 pages)