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Public health is quickly moving toward a focus on health and wellness in the workplace. Employee Health Promotion Programs (EHPP) vary in complexity, but all must address several key questions: How to implement it on the individual level? How to find the specific time to do it? How to increase the involvement in health activities and to reward employees for keeping themselves healthy? What are the credible information sources? How to know it will help and how to deal with possible cultural barriers?

Public Health Programs for the Corporate World is designed to help student learn how to assess the health of employees and utilize this information to design, implement, and evaluate an appropriate public health program. It illustrates the importance of healthy employees for corporations and delivers different strategies for implementing successful public health programs. Students will learn how to balance the practicality of a program with resources and goals, in addition to understanding the possibilities and results of worksite policies.

Zuzana Bic, Dr.P.H. (Loma Linda University), MUDr. (King Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic), is the Director of Public Health Practice Activities in the Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention at the University of California, Irvine. She has been recognized both as Lecturer of the Year and as Outstanding Professor. Her research interests include the impact and application of lifestyle medicine on slowing the process of aging and the development of chronic degenerative diseases. In addition to her work at the university Dr. Bic frequently appears on radio and television as an expert on headaches and migraines.