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Psychology in Asia: An Introduction is an introductory level textbook on psychology and human behavior with an Asian focus. The main aim of the book is to provide an introduction to the central tenets of psychology. Although its coverage is similar to other books on the market, examples and chapters will be culturally relevant to students in Asia, connected to the region s culture and history.
The book covers essential topics of psychology such as personality, human development, psychological disorders, gender and sexuality, emotion, and positive psychology. It does not attempt to redefine the nature of studying and teaching introductory psychology. However, each chapter will be accompanied by information relevant to Asian cultural context: new topics include the Tenets of Asian Psychology and Asian Philosophies and Behavior . Students will learn core topics and classical studies that originate in the West, but do so alongside the important contribution that Asian psychology makes to the field.

KEY FEATURES Helps students to familiarize themselves with the key terms that are defined in the page margins. Includes learning aids such as boxes that define theoretical and technical terms. Encourages active learning and critical thinking through activities in each chapter. Provides useful resources such as study questions, chapter outlines, and references to journal articles that allow further reading. Increases students understanding of the concepts taught through the authors userfriendly academic writing style and colorful illustrations included throughout each chapter.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface About the Editor
Chapter 1 Introduction: What Is Psychology? Chapter 2 Research Methods and Statistics: What Makes Psychology Believable? Chapter 3 Philosophical Roots of Asian Psychology: The Place of Asia in World Psychology Chapter 4 Biological Psychology Chapter 5 Consciousness: How We Perceive and Become Aware of Our World Chapter 6 Learning and Memory: How Do We Learn and Retain New Knowledge? Chapter 7 Motivation and Emotions: What Guides Our Behavior? Chapter 8 Human Development: How Do We Become Who We Are? Chapter 9 Gender and Sexuality Chapter 10 Personality: Dimension, Structure and Development Chapter 11 Psychological Disorders Chapter 12 Psychotherapies: What can be done when the mind is unwell? Chapter 13 Culture and Social Behavior Chapter 14 Health Psychology Chapter 15 Positive Psychology: How To Live The Good Life Chapter 16 Tenets of Asian Psychology Chapter 17 Psychology and the Professions: What Do Students of Psychology Do When They Graduate? Chapter 18 The Next Steps: The Future Of Psychology Glossary References Answers to True/False Quizzes Name Index Subject Index