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For anybody that is in the midst of fertility treatment or has already experienced treatment that hasn't resulted in a pregnancy, and wondering what to do next, this book is an essential read. The book which is simple in its idea and structure gives an honest account of the author’s experiences whilst she travelled through fertility treatment. Her account is brave, honest and an open, uncut dialogue for the reader to share in her thoughts and feelings. The reader becomes lost as they become gripped by the journey and as every chapter unfolds, this diary account provides you with incite that Debbie's willingness to explore another route, on top of another route and another! and that through sheer openness to continue to try options combined with what can only be described as sheer determination, the final route of travelling abroad, results in beautiful children being born to them. The book and pictures provides comfort should the reader be in the middle of treatment and even some rest bite as they share in someone else's honest experience and take hope that against the odds, miracles still can happen.