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This book is written and designed to be a practical clinical handbook of moxibustion to be used by modern practitioners and students of Eastern Asian medicine in everyday clinical settings. It contains techniques and treatments as old as the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic) and as contemporary as modern clinical trials. It has information on techniques that every practitioner will find useful.
To prepare for the writing of this book the author personally experimented with most of the techniques described in the book so that she could write clear step-by-step directions. In addition to very understandable directions, over 100 photo illustrations covering every aspect of preparation and patient care using moxa are provided where necessary. The practical, useable nature of this book will help many practitioners increase the effectiveness of their moxibustion treatments.
Included are sections on:
Moxibustion's specific functions and uses
How to grow and process mugwort into moxibustion floss
Moxibustion techniques of all kinds, using mugwort as well as other medical substances
Recipes for making moxa ointments
Using needle moxa methods, moxa boxes, liquid moxa, moxa plasters and pastes
The use of specific acupoints in moxa therapy
Preventive therapy with moxibustion
Moxa prescriptions for specific conditions