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A series of short, illustrated and humorous tales, about Tommy Tinboots and his robot family with foreword by Denise Phelps: NNEB, FdE, early years care and education. According to statistics, the most stressful events humans can experience are: Losing a loved one, divorce, moving house, major illness… The list goes on and we take for granted that stress affects just grown-ups. But, stressful events occur from our first encounters as human beings: Starting school, making friends, being called to the Headmaster’s office… Occasionally, children have fears and insecurities, which are dealt with the best way that parents can. And for the main, we do a great job. This book was created to assist and make young experiences a little less daunting. And also to let young readers know that we have all been there and when faced with a ‘situation’, we have all thought that the end of the world had arrived. A robot family coach their first born through feelings of missing his parents, during the day and insecurity; the birth of a sibling; addressing the subject of disability; safety in the home and friendship. These short stories take a light hearted look at these situations and how their message can reach and reassure young minds. This manual is not a scientific or medical report. I am not a doctor. Nor am I trained in any of the sciences. I am a parent and a grandparent, who has also been a young child with fears and insecurities of my own.