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(Taken From Back Cover of Book) Forty percent of American students are reading below grade level. Two out of ten students are learning disabled (dyslexic). For years educator, in search of the right reading approach for all children, have switched from a sight approach, to a phonetic approach, to linguistic, to whole language, and now, also to an integrated approach. Yet, none have proved to be completely effective. Author, Addie Cusimano, has solved the dilemma by composing an approach that works with all students, learning disabled and those who are not learning disabled. Her program has been used with consistent success at a private learning center that she operated for many years.

Addie Cusimano presents her secrets for success in this book. She discusses many overlooked facets of learning, thinking, writing, studying, and reading skill development, and offers solutions for educators, parents and other professionals who work with students. Her preface is that learning disabled students can and should be cured at an elementary level, and that the best reading approach is one that would incorporate many more facets of learning than are presently taught.

Ms. Cusimano's book, based on her many years of experience and success with the diagnosis and remediation of students with learning disabilities, offers a refreshing and assured method for the solution of America's academic woes.