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Kundalni A Cosmic Energy the book is authored by the Marvel Yogi of 20th century, who himself is a thaumaturgy. As he under went personally, extraordinary mystical experiences, with in his meditation period for almost more than sixty years. He has practically proved the importance of the Kundalni, for the present and coming generations. Acharya Shri has done unique dazzling discovery on Kundalni the most invincible force of the Cosmos.\n \n\nIn this book, he has traced the exthe best friend and in reverse case the worst enemy, to the meditator. In this book a detailed desctra ordinary methods, ways, for the awakening of this Serpentine Force, which proves ription of Kundalni Yoga and the seven Chakras (plexuses) of the body is also given. The book also discusses the different forms of smadhi and gives examples of these states.