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Edition 6: Eyebrows are one of the most important features of a person’s face. This book covers all types of face shapes, all eyebrow shapes and all the correction methods for beautiful shaped and coloured eyebrows. When your eyebrows are the wrong shape for your face, you will look tired or older than you should. On The other hand eyebrows that are the right colour and shape, to suit your face shape and hair colour will enhance your beauty. Thus giving your face, a dimension without makeup. Experts can tell just by looking at your eyebrows whether they are the right shape for your face or not. How do you tell if a client or your own eyebrows have the wrong shape:- • You don't have an arch to your brow. • Your eyebrows end too soon. • Your eyebrows don't grow close to the bridge of your nose. • They grow over the bridge of your nose. • You can never figure out where your eyebrows should start and where they should end. • You have pale eyebrows • You have different shape eyebrows. • People often ask if you are tire/ All these issues are covered and how to achieve a great outcome. How to thicken your brows, threading and all waxing and tinting methods are discussed. Table Of Contents Symmetrical Issues Masculine And Feminine Sides Of The Body No arch to your brow. When Our Eyebrows End Too Soon. No Eyebrows Close To The nose Bridge. where your eyebrows should start and end. Low Arch Eyebrows Arch and Brow Too Thin My favouite Actress Elizabth Taylor How Our Face Affects our Eyebrows Face Shapes. To work out a persons face shape. Eyebrow Shaping For Face Shapes Measure The Face And Eyebrows. Hair Styles and Hair Colour Best Styles on a Heart-Shaped Face Best Styles on a Square Face Best Styles on a Round Face Styles That Work Best on a Long Face Eyebrow Shaping Procedure. Make Astringent /Toner Preparing Brows Brief Wax Types Apply And Remove Hot Wax Eyebrow Shaping Brief. Hair Threading Technique Eyebrow Tinting Kit Before You Tint Eyebrow Or Eyelashes. A patch test Information Patch Test How To Addressing Adverse Patch Test. Eye Make-Up Remover Info Long Lash Gel Bleaching paste. Bleaching eyebrows Bleaching before tinting with Reds Ash Blonde Clients Mixing of Tint Colours Understanding Colours Correct application time. Eyebrow Tint Application Eyebrow Shaping Example: Eyebrow Extensions.