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The brief introductory text by Nevid, Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications retains the hallmark features that have made its parent text unique in the market, while offering a more manageable, student-friendly format. This text's organization breaks down each chapter into smaller instructional units organized around a set of key concepts in a particular area of study. Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications provides a broad view of psychology that includes the history, methods of research, major theories, and research findings of the discipline as well as applications of the knowledge gained from contemporary research to the problems and challenges we face in today's world. Jeffrey Nevid has shaped an effective learning tool in this text by basing its contents on a comprehensive learning system derived from research on memory, learning, and textbook pedagogy. This learning model incorporates what Nevid has named the "Four Es"--Engaging Student Interest, Encoding Information, Elaborating Meaning, and Evaluating Progress--as key elements that organize the text's pedagogical features.