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Cultivating Love When Secrets Surface is a book in the Cultivating Love book series, and is an in-depth exploration of how to deal with the discovery of unfaithfulness, with insight and practical exercises to help you make safe, informed and healthy choices regarding what direction you wish to take with your relationship. When Secrets Surface was written with a three-fold purpose in mind. First, to provide couples with help, insight and guidance after discovering that one partner in the marriage has been sexually unfaithful. Over the next few days, weeks and months after this discovery, one or both of you may have a myriad of questions that need to be asked and deserve to be answered. This workbook is written to provide you with practical and effective “tools” to guide you through this initial crisis and into topics you need to communicate about, in order to make clear and informed decisions about the direction you may wish to take with your relationship. This is the first purpose of this workbook. Second, it was written to provide couples with guidance and tools to work through this devastating experience to determine if their marriage is salvageable, and if so, to illuminate suggested but necessary steps to take to engage in a process to heal, rebuild and renew your marriage. Third, although When Secrets Surface is a “stand alone” resource to help you and your spouse, the materials are also created for you to work on and share with your Individual or Group Psychotherapist, or your Pastoral Counselor, or other important “teammates” who you deem are safe, knowledgeable and therapeutic, as matters of the heart, soul, mind and spirit deserve therapeutic and empathetic responses to facilitate your healing and growth. Cultivating Love When Secrets Surface and all of the books in the Cultivating Love series are great resources for individuals, couples, people who are challenged with compulsive and problematic behaviors and are a great counseling resource for Counselors, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Clinicians and College students. Other books in the Cultivating Love series are: 1. Enhancing Communication: Effective communication tools to facilitate dialogue, empowerment and conflict resolution. This is a staple in my counseling practice. 2. Renewal in Your Life and Your Marriage: Is for couples who have decided they wish to rebuild their relationship, and this workbook provides the couple with practical, effective and clinical "tools" to assist them in their process of defining and growing healthy, safe and edifying behaviors that will produce love, and strengthen and protect their marriage. 3. Finishing Strong is a book in the Cultivating Love book series, where the focus of this book is to address problematic or compulsive sexual behavior in the lives of men and women. 4. Growing Character: Identifying, exploring and cultivating values that help you to determine how you wish to live your life. Thank you for your consideration of the Cultivating Love book series, and for considering purchasing Cultivating Love When Secrets Surface. Dr. Ken McGill, LMFT Certified Sex Addiction Therapist