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Enhancing creativity is important not only for individual but for the whole society. The condition to enhance creativity is to make it clear how about the process of creativity development or expression and the mechanism of individual or environmental, cultural influences, which is a somewhat new, meaningful and challenging topic for psychologists. A high level self-efficacy is thought to be related to better mental, physical health and easier social adaption (Schwarzer, 1992; Bandura, 1997). To examine the cultural and environmental impact on self-efficacy is also necessary for the development of proper intervention. This doctoral thesis addressed Cultural Pyramid Model of Creativity (CPMC). To examine the relations between culture or climate and self-efficacy, artistic or general creativity expression, different research approaches, such as cross-cultural experiment designs of artistic creativity, cross-sectional designs of the creative organizational climate and creativity development, were carried out in four empirical studies. Investigations were done in creativity, self and collective - efficacy, and creative organizational climate.