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The sense of many years of experimental research was creation of the theoretico-methodologico-empiric foundations of the model of system of creative education. Creative education can give an impulse to reformation of the system of education and upbringing. Creative education can give opportunity to educate the new generations capable of not only reproducing the experience of the previous generations, but creating such an experience. The main thing that the system of creative education must do is educate the people, who are able to produce, in problem situations, the new experience and make them their social heritage. The results of the conducted experimental research will give the opportunity to start the large-scale practical realization of the new principles of creative education. Nowadays, there develops the work on creation of the system of educational Centres, which could further become the basis for creation of the large-scale model, which will allow to obtain the result, inaccessible for the classical system of education, resting on the outdated and unpromising principles of translation and appropriation of the former social experience.