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Attention Deficit Disorders with and without hyperactivity (ADHD and ADD as AD/HD) were found to be correlated with the development of major mental illness. Hyperactive children are four times more likely than normal children to suffer from mental illness as young adults. Although many of the hyperactive children developed into healthy teenagers, 35 percent would suffer from mental disorders and are in risk to develop major mental illness. Throughout the lifecycle, a key clinical feature observed in AD/HD adult patients is comorbidity with Conduct Depressive, Bipolar, Anxiety disorders and further major mental illness. That linkage was perceived as a further onset stage of primary, developmental reflections of AD/HD impairment. In our current study we examined all background factors to identify AD/HD, (ADHD, ADD) carriers that are in risk to develop major mental illness. The background factor's identification is supposed to help parents, educators, psychologists, physicians and others to reduce or control the development of major mental illness amongst AD/HD carriers. This is the core of our current study.